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  • This is a love story.*

    *Like all great romances, Lovers & Others is part tragedy and part comedy. Angie is on the brink of settling down with a self-help guru when an encounter with an old flame sets her world ablaze.


    In the mood for love? Grab a cuppa tea, sit back, at start with A Sorta Fairytale (episode 1).

    Burning Down the House

    Episode 6

    Sparks fly and awkwardness ensues when Robert and Angie host a gathering for flames long kept in the shadows.

    Tonight Will Be Fine

    Episode 5

    Robert returns home and reconnects with Angie on a nighttime stroll through town, but subterranean tensions surface, causing a romantic evening to take a turn.

    Fitter Happier

    Episode 4.5

    Need a little motivation boost to jumpstart your day? We all do, and Robert Thunderbird, your favorite fictional self-help guru, is your man. Until you watch this video, you’ll never believe the one weird trick to unleash your inner beast. NSFW? Maybe, depends on where you work!

    All This Remains

    Episode 4

    After a recent chance encounter with ex-boyfriend Isaac, newly engaged Angie stops by his apartment to retrieve belongings she'd long left behind, and their brief reunion leaves them both rattled.

    Take This Longing

    Episode 3

    Robert Thunderbird is an internationally bestselling author, motivational speaker, and self help guru. He's just proposed to his girlfriend Angie, but not everyone's celebrating.

    Beyond The Sunrise

    Episode 2

    A bad day for Isaac turns around in one fateful encounter.

    A Sorta Fairytale

    Episode 1

    Angie came from nothing, and now that she has everything, something is missing.

    But change is coming in unexpected ways.

  • CAST

    Hand picked talent from the cream of the crop.

    Yuly Mireles

    Angie Sandoval


    Yuly Mireles is currently in a two year program at the Meisner Technique Studio, honing her craft and finding her place in this artistic form which allows her to share a piece of herself with the world.



    Rowan Brooks

    Robert Thunderbird

    Rowan Brooks (AEA, SAG) trained as an actor at the Oxford School of Drama, UK and has worked extensively on screen and on the stage in London, New York and at various regional theatres on both sides of the pond. He is a writer/director/producer for his San Francisco based company Lucky Dragon Productions with which he has made several short films, docs, corporate and music videos. Rowan also performs regularly with San Francisco based sketch comedy troupe Killing My Lobster.


    Alejandro Morales

    Isaac Navarro

    Alejandro wages his life in San Francisco working as a freelance production assistant for films and commercials. The rest of his time is mostly devoted to his rock band, a new camera, taking photos of his band mates, updating his resume, and calling his mother in Costa Rica.



    Liz Clare


    Bay Area native, semi-geek, demi-nerd, and the most acceptive judgmental chick on the planet.


    Minh Do

    Gordon Pham

    Hailing from the heart of Detroit, Michigan, Minh works as an IT specialist during the day, but his true passion is entertainment. Minh made is film debut in a SAG feature film called, "All About Dad", which won best film/audience award at the Cinequest film festival and Best 1st feature and Jury Prize at the LA Film Festival. Minh has also done a variety of commercials, industrials, and print ads.



    Li Chien

    Grandma Pham

    After a full life as a wife, mother and IT professional, Li Chien considers herself lucky to have found another life pursuing her childhood dream of professional make-believe; her favorite part of acting is constantly being surrounded by talented people of all ages. Li regularly works on film, and commercials in the Bay Area.

    Teresa Navarro


    Teresa recently received the Executive Producer Award in the Equality International Film Festival for excellence in performance for her leading role as Corrine in Possession, Teresa brings passion and truth in her work. Every role Teresa plays, she hopes to illuminate the writer's and director's vision, and to honor the story of the character.

    Simone Olsen-Varela


    After a year of world travel and performance, four years of BFA degree training, and ten years of stage time, Simone is back to the Bay Area and has recently signed with Look Talent in San Francisco and has continued working in film/television, theatre, and print.

  • CREW

    Mostly friends and family tricked into service.

    Mark Arellano

    Creator, Writer, Director

    A native son of the Bay Area, Mark studied cinema at UCLA and got his start as a PA on NBC’s ‘Saved by the Bell’ & LL Cool J’s ‘In The House’. He then moved onto festival coordination for Slamdance, followed by production & development for Miramax.

    In 2001, with partner Cheri Arellano, he co-founded the multimedia agency Conscious Creative in San Francisco. His work as writer, director, editor and DP on both docs and narratives has been met with equal parts approval and ambivalence.


    Cheri Arellano

    Director of Photography, Producer

    An accomplished and award-winning photographer of over 15 years, Miami native Cheri Larsh Arellano ventured into the world of cinematography in 2004 at the behest of her partner and husband, director Mark Arellano. Since then, she has filmed numerous projects with Mark, with whom she also owns Conscious Creative, an environment focused creative agency. Cheri's work is known for its rich color, and dynamic lighting and composition.



    Kurtis Lee Hermes

    Assistant Director, 

    Line Producer

    Filmmaker, graphic designer, writer, & owner of @OcularCreations. After arriving on this planet, Kurtis gained experience in departments such as sound, camera, lighting, editing and general production. He has worked for over 15 years in acting, film and television. More recently, Hermes has not only been the 1st A.D. but also helped produce numerous indie features, shorts, music videos and web series.


    Maggie VandenBerghe


    “Working hard and solving problems are my main goals with any production.”

    Maggie is a meticulous and dynamic San Francisco based filmmaker, producer and on occasion, actor. She works regularly with her preferred band of characters in the San Francisco Bay Area. www.maggievandenberghe.com

    Chuy Valadez

    Assistant Camera, DIT, 

    MōVI Tech

    Conversant in Shyriiwook, Chuy won all his gear in a game of Sabacc and once pulled focus to within 12 parsecs.

    Chris F. Powell

    Assistant Camera

    Born and raised in the SF Bay Area, filmmaker/film exhibitor/film lover Chris is an aspiring director of photography. He's also a longtime Warriors fan and has a penchant for making a positive impression with their cheerleaders.

    Bram Draper


    An East Bay native, Bram is excited about storytelling in any medium. He shoots and edits as a freelancer while introspectively fermenting the ingredients that will inevitably result in his big budget, high concept feature directorial debut. Until then, he happily chops away at other people’s projects.


    Shad Clark

    Story Consultant

    Creative storyteller working in film, publishing, comics, games, and advertising. Writer and director of the films ALL I THINK OF IS YOU, SIDE EFFECTS MAY INCLUDE and ANONYMITY, and author of the short stories LITTLE BOY PIG and UPGRADING GOD. Currently working on a new film and a graphic novel.



    L. Jeffrey Moore

    Script Supervisor

    Jeff has produced several short films and is one of the founding members of Frogband Studios. His responsibilities include but are not limited to post production solutions, and creative content.

    Joe Stillwater

    Sound Mixer

    Joe is a film director and sound recordist. He has been mixing on feature films and docs for over ten years. Films on which he’s worked have screened on IFC and at Sundance, Tribeca, Edinburgh, Brooklyn International, Chicago International and Hi/Lo Film Festivals. His approach to film sound is in consideration of perspective, tone, craft, space and the unconscious atmospheres around us. He holds a BA in Film and Digital Media Production from UC Santa Cruz.


    Darcel Walker

    Sound Mixer

    Darcel Walker has over 20 film credits as well as numerous broadcast and cable industry assignments that include the History Channel, Discovery Channel, CBS, ABC and the BBC.


    Scott Hanshew

    Sound Designer

    Scott works as a PA on commercial and TV shoots as well as short and narrative films. In his free time he pursues his passion of creating original video and audio content.

    Larry Madrigal

    Sound Designer

    Larry is a filmmaker from San Francisco California. He specializes in documentary work highlighting education, technology, music, and Californian culture. He works as a freelance film editor, sound designer, and score composer.


    Luiza Sá-Davis

    Boom Operator

    Luiza was born in São Paulo, Brazil. She earned her BA in Fine Art, FAAP (Fundação Armando Álvares Penteado) in São Paulo in 2010. Known internationally as the guitarist for acclaimed Brazilian band CSS (an initialism of Cansei de Ser Sexy), she toured around the globe and released four records and twelve singles with her band, CSS. CSS has received features in magazines such as Rolling Stone, I-D, Dazed and Confused, Spin, Nylon, NME and Les Inrocks and played some of the world’s biggest festivals.


    Christina Storozkova

    Set Photographer

    Christina is a motion & still photographer. Born in Russia. Raised in Florida. When she’s not on the road, she feels most at home in Southern California.


    Steven Emerson

    Grip, Gaffer

    Steven is a Bay Area native who has always had a passion for anything and everything film.  A few years ago he decided to make a career change from working on Volkswagens to working in film.  When Steven is not working in the film industry, he enjoys traveling, music, going to concerts and spending time with his friends, family and his beloved dog, Kyky. 

    Steven Emerson

    Grip, Gaffer

    Steven is a Bay Area native who has always had a passion for anything and everything film.  A few years ago he decided to make a career change from working on Volkswagens to working in film.  When Steven is not working in the film industry, he enjoys traveling, music, going to concerts and spending time with his friends, family and his beloved dog, Kyky. 


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    Proof that there is still plenty of good in this world.

    Episode 1

    A Sorta Fairytale

    Colleen Patrick Goudreau

    David Goudreau

    Simone Olsen-Varela

    Uniform Motion


    Tori Amos for the song,

    "A Sorta Fairytale"

    Episode 2

    Beyond the Sunrise

    Collin Doran, Homemade Cafe

    Uniform Motion


    Belle & Sebastian for the song, "Beyond the Sunrise"

    Episode 3

    Take this Longing

    Chris Zabriskie

    Jeremy Jones

    Kelly Lou Dennis

    Kiva Knight

    Kristen Dwyer

    Luke Sweeney

    Rohini Moradi

    Nancy Hayes Casting

    The Phoenix Hotel, San Francisco


    Leonard Cohen for the song, "Take This Longing"

    Episode 4

    All This Remains

    Rita May

    Scott Hanshew

    Teresa Navarro


    Hope Sandoval & Burt Jansch for the song, "All This Remains"


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